Guinea Jeans: Pearl Gray

Let’s consider the Pearl Gray guinea fowl first.  Pearl Gray is a genetically dominant gene for both color and pearling genes.  The pearl gene is the “polka-dots” you see on most colors.  There is also semi-pearled and non-pearled but, I digress.  A Pearl Gray guinea would be homozygous dominant for both the gray background color and pearling.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, click here for my Guinea Genetics Intro!

In my Punnett Square, a pure Pearl Gray guinea is denoted as such:

  • GG: homozygous dominant gray background color
  • PP:  Pearled

Since the Pearl Gray is a fully pearled color, it is the lightest of the gray background variations.

So, if you breed a Pearl Gray x Pearl Gray (GGPP x GGPP):


Genotype:  100% Pure Pearl Gray guineas

Phenotype:  100% Pearl Gray guineas


Cato & Primrose are pure Pearl Gray guineas.

Buying guinea fowl from an honest breeder rather than a hatchery is best if you plan to start breeding.  Buying from a breeder gives you the option to talk with the breeder and find out the parents genetics of the birds you are buying.  Especially in Pearl Grays, knowing they are pure promises you will have Pearl Gray keets 100% of the time.  Often, Pearl Grays are sold a Pearl Grays because of their phenotype, but in their genotype they are Pearl Gray split to another color, meaning that when these two birds are bred, there is a chance of getting a guinea of a different color.   Which isn’t bad, but is disappointing when you see one color, but they’re genetically another.

I’ll get into the split genes later.

I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am!

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