Guinea Goons.



I once had six guineas

Ended up with two

Now I have twelve

And here Cato’s telling me “I hate you.”

Cato’s not much on the fatherhood idea of having 10 keets running around under his supervision.  He’s wanting it back to the olden days of just he and his lady lover, Primrose.  I never told him he had to but he’s taken his new “job” very seriously, and now, instead of chasing the keets and pulling their feathers out, he protects them.  Except for my new buff pair of keets.  He doesn’t like them yet.  YET.  They’ll grow on him just like these last ones did.

You just wait and see Cato Potato.


Proof he loves those keets.  Cato is the dark fella on the farthest to the right.  The keets are the light gray.  He follows them around wherever they go, breaking up their tiffs and protecting them.

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